Sunday, February 17, 2019
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RE: Jocelyn McPhail
Ricardo Lucas
"We are very happy with the painting work recently completed. They did a good job and were neat and cleaned up nicely once they had done. We continue to be very happy with quality of work offered"
RE: 21 Hillsview Ave, Toronto
"The work was clean, quiet and fast. They were very good at communicating that they had done, specifically in certain areas. Very thorough"
RE: Beverly Macleod @ 329 Belsize Dr.
Lucas Painters
"Thanks for getting the guys here. They did do the job in one day and were great. It looks a lot better than before."
RE: Mr. Homuk at 3059 Bayview Ave
Ricardo Lucas
"They did an excellent job! They moved all the furniture back and the back and the painting is just perfect!"
RE: Kai Fejer at 33 Thelma Ave.
Lucas Painters
"I just wanted to let you know that Patrick and I were just thrilled when we arrived home from vacation last night. The house was immaculate, the children's rooms absolutely gorgeous, our master bath clean and fresh. The painters did an excellent job. Most importantly however, they removed and relocated our personal effects with the utmost respect and care. Things were piled neatly in the library and it was very easy for us to find everything and move it back into place. Thank you so much for accommodating us within a week so as to paint while we were on vacation. You made the process as easy as possible and we still will not forget it! We are looking at the house with more of a critical eye now thinking what else we can have you paint…!"